Krause Automatisierungstechnik

Hard.- und Software für Maschinensteuerungen

HV test facility




Semi-automated system for high-voltage (HV) testing and labeling of sealed electric circuits:

The machine consists of a rotary table and several stations: the loading and unloading station, the high-voltage (HV) - inspection, the labeling of good parts with individual color lables, control the colored label via color sensor - and the automatic sorting of the bad parts by using a robot.

The test samples are loaded manually into the machine. In station 2, the component of a high-voltage test is subjected. A different colored label applied and monitored in the next step, the color of the label - in Station 3 are the test object - depending on passing the exam.

The bad parts are sorted out in the following station by a gripper and placed in one of three bad parts magazines.


Quality assurance from start to finish - 100%.

The good parts eventually slide down through a chute and removed from there by hand.

As a result are - consequently - only flawless and high-voltage resistant circuits are available for further mounting in the production.