Krause Automatisierungstechnik

Hard.- und Software für Maschinensteuerungen

System for automatic resistance welding of electrical components. The operator puts a tipped component into the plant which is then started. The 4-axis servo-portal positiones  the welding tongs and starts the corresponding parameter set of the welding control. The tailed LabView  visualization system evaluates the welding data statistically.


  • 4-axis servo-portal  with Bosch welding controller
  • max. speed: 2000mm/sec.
  • repeat accuracy: +/- 0.01mm

  • IAI-Axis control with integrated PLC
  • multitasking program structure
  • simultaneous processing of 16 programs
  • 64 storable programs in the control
  • 3000 positions selectable
  • hardware planning using  WSCAD